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Radium Hot Springs Rendez-Vous   Leave a comment


My dad and I went for a weekend to Radium Hot Springs last week and I finally felt inspired enough to post a few more pictures. Here are a few from the trip.

Quilchena Fields

A perfectly (fenced) property line flows up the side of a hill giving this very cool colour difference.


Rogers Pass

We're headed for the snow sheds and I look up. Waaaay up! Black and White à la Ansel Adams.



It would be great if my photography would make me a few dollars. Otherwise this might be my new home. 🙂


Rocky Mountain Big Horned Sheep Ram

I looked to the left and there were 15 Rocky Mountain Big Horned Sheep males... just hanging around.


Sinclair Canyon, Kootenay National Park

Right at the Radium Hot Springs, at the mid-point of the most impressive canyon you'll ever drive through.... this amazing iron-stained limestone cliff.


Verdent Creek

Oh, the green hue in the water!


Kootenay Valley Coyote

We came across this guy snooping alongside the road. It did not seem to me that it was acting like a healthy coyote. The window 'up' switch was right at our fingertips!


Pulpit Peak from Bow Valley Parkway, North of Eldon

I've wanted this shot for 15 years. I finally had the right lens, the right camera and the right moment! YAY!


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